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Naval Air Station Grosse Ile
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Naval Air Station Grosse Ile was commissioned 7 September 1929 as Naval Reserve Air Base Grosse Ile at Grosse Ile, Michigan. Though that was the official beginning the air station traces its roots back to July 1925 when four US Naval reservists started an aviation unit in Detroit. The airship ZMC-2 is included in this section. It was the Navy''s only all metal airship. During the depression like other bases of this era, money was hard to come by but NRAB Grosse Ile, MI grew slowly. Many of the reservist drilling without pay. By the end of 1930 the first Marine unit had been commissioned and called Grosse Ile home. World War II would come only 30 years after the Navy had acquired its first aircraft and 14 years after naval aviation had come to Grosse Ile, it would face a war that would change the world and base forever. During the war over 5,000 pilots received training at Grosse Ile most were British RAF and FAA cadets. With this rapid expansion the base gained the new designation of Naval Air Station.

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